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Episode 39 – A Millenium Shit Show

Cooter and Minx talk about the crap that was on the radio in the 2000s.

Episode 38 – ’90s Shit Show, Super Funtime Band Brawl: Sublime vs 311




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Cooter and Minx talked about the worst of the ’90s this week, and we could make this a whole new series. Seriously. It gets terrible. You’ll love it.

Episode 37- Summah Thyme Jamz


Cooter and Minx are back! Find out what’s been going on, and check out some new jams!


  • Mi Gente – J Balvin, Willy William (C)
  • Stay Happy – Broken Social Scene (M)
  • Everything Now – Arcade Fire (C)
  • Wanderlust – Dakota (M)
  • Want You Back – HAIM (C)
  • That Kind of Girl – All Dogs (M)
  • Bodak Yellow – Cardi B (C)
  • Good as Hell – Lizzo (M)
  • Back For More – Justine Skye, Jeremih (C)
  • Ghosts – Sunset Exotic (M)
  • Fine Fine Day – Banditos (C)
  • All the Pretty Girls – The Darkness (M)


Episode 36 – Catch you on the B-side


Cooter and Minx talk about B-Sides, rapey John Mayer, confederate idiots, and terms of endearment.


  • The Delaney – The Libertines (M)
  • Silver Springs – Fleetwood Mac (C)
  • These Days – Joy Division (M)
  • Talk Show Host – Radiohead (C)
  • Hey Hey What Can I Do – Led Zeppelin (M)
  • We Will Rock You – Queen (C)
  • 1963 – New Order (M)
  • Where Did Our Love Go? – Soft Cell (C)
  • Sucker – Mott The Hoople (M)
  • Feel U Up – Prince (C)
  • Let’s Pretend We’re Married – Tina Turner (M)
  • Valerie – Amy Winehouse (C)

Episode 35 – Tell me how you feel

Cooter and Minx talk about those pesky feelings human beings get sometimes! If you’re a robot, you wouldn’t understand.

Episode 034 – Cuntable!!! Super Funtime Band Brawl: Ice v Hammer


Cooter and Minx get all up in some country this week! It’s good music, we promise.


Episode 33 – Love Who You Are

Cooter and Minx talked about Pride Month and LGBT+ issues this week! They went a little long but it was a lot of fun. Check it out! P.S. Minx didn’t even edit this time!!

picture credit; heavy rainbow by priteeboy

Episode 032 – Disco Boogaloo! SFBB: Nirvana vs. Alice in Chains

Cooter and Minx get down and boogie with some funky dance tunes this week! They also talk about Nirvana and Alice in Chains and decide which band they prefer.

Episode 31 – Threeos

Minx came to visit Cooter this weekend, so it’s a very special show! The ladies talk about Trump, Tom Hanks, One Well Brewing, Gauntlet Legends, moon landing and their favorite musical Trios (Nirvana is a given, of COURSE). Listen and enjoy the goofiness and clarity!



  • Nirvana – In Bloom
  • Dig Me Out- Sleater-Kinney
  • Queen – Melvins
  • Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees
  • Pinball Wizard – The Who
  • Whirring – The Joy Formidable
  • Woman on the Screen – Boris

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