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Episode 025 – Masks with Lee From BYB Pod

Cooter and Minx chat with Lee from Blame Your Brother. This week’s playlist was full of songs about wearing masks. They also play Super Fun-Time Band Brawl (Turbo Extreme)!! Billy Joel vs Phil Collins.


Episode 024 – Elemental Series – Earth, Kansas v. Foreigner

The ladies start the first episode of an Elemental Series: Earth! They picked songs with themes or sounds that represent that element to them. They also start a nameless band duel segment with Kansas pitted against Foreigner. Its not much of a fight, honestly. Give it a listen!

Episode 23 – Dirty Talk with Larry from MWAH Podcast (Instrumentals)

“A hobo and a serial killer walk into a bar…”

Cooter and Minx talk with Larry from Models Workshop After Hours┬áPodcast and it gets pret-ty pervy, ya’ll. Not even close to safe for work. Oh yeah, they also talk about instrumental songs, and someone admits to liking Nickelback.

Cut quotes:

“Clown dicked motherfucker, lookin’ like Frosty the Snowman with man boobs”

“You know at one point, I did want to be a porn star”

“You need to get finger-cuffed and ‘Oreo’ed”


Stay classy, friends


Episode 22 – International Songs

Cooter and Minx picked songs with non-english lyrics this week! They also tell terrible customer stories.

Episode 21 – Take 2

Cooter and Minx talked with Ashlee from Winebomb Podcast this week, and… well… things got out of hand. So out of hand, they couldn’t release the first recording. So this is take two, and it’s not quite like the other episodes. This week’s playlist theme was Chick Rock!


Episode 20 – What’s New Pussycat?


Cooter and Minx talk about bands they’ve haven’t heard before that have new releases our right now! They discuss Logan for a short time without spoiling it, Bernie makes an appearance, they get a little emotional for a moment, and talk about female musical artists. Check it out, you might find some new music!

Episode 19 – Gag me with a tune



Cooter & Minx are a little out of it this week, but they discuss 80’s music, fashion, and toys.

Episode 18 – Sing a Happy Song



Who doesn’t need a pick-me up every now and then? Cooter and Minx are talking about happy songs this week, Cooter is amazing as usual, and Minx reveals a “shocking” secret. Join us for a fun little ride.

Episode 17 – Skip this episode


Cooter and Minx play(and SING) karaoke jams and the episode ends up being pretty unhinged… Just go ahead on skip this one, we won’t be mad at you. You’ll miss some pretty epic singalongs, just so you know.


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